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Nina Keebler, MA
Creator and Facilitator
Nina holds an MA in Counseling Psychology with a Certificate in Creative Expression. Her experience with children spans 15 years working with all ages in variety of settings including teaching, tutoring, mentoring, childcare and chaperoning. Nina serves as an on-site school counselor. She is also an advisor for a local teen youth group and teaches a high school ethics class. Prior to completing her master’s degree Nina worked as a consultant at Insigniam Performance where she gained experience coaching executives of large corporations and non-profit organizations. She now runs a life coaching practice empowering clients to achieve personal and professional goals. With a magna cum laude honors degree in Economics from the University of Washington, her background also includes strategic planning and marketing. Nina’s hobbies consist of salsa dancing, hiking, yoga and Facebooking (which the teens assure her counts as a hobby AND a marketable skill).



Brian Cooper, MA
Brian holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and has been working with youth in a variety of capacities for over 6 years. He teaches classes on healthy parenting strategies and serves as a counselor at a local school, providing mentoring for children and working closely with families. He has a passion for connecting with youth through imagination, creativity, and play, and is known for taking unique approaches to promoting well-being and personal growth. When not working as a counselor, Brian enjoys hiking, yoga, baking bread, playing guitar, and being an active participant in his spiritual community.

Kenlyn Mirbach
Freshman at Los Altos High School
Kenlyn is a valuable leader in helping to develop MoreThanBrains' dynamic curriculum and activities. She offers her wisdom, critical thinking and insight to ensure programs are relevant to teens. She thinks MoreThanBrains is extremely helpful for teens like her and has found it to be personally meaningful. She loves the opportunity to work with Nina on program development and in sharing the program with other local teens! Kenlyn is also a passionate athlete and enjoys track year round as a long jumper, sprinter, and hurdler. On the weekends she volunteers as an assistant track coach and assistant drama teacher. She loves working with kids of all ages and is able to bring this understanding of youth to her work with MoreThanBrains. In her spare time, Kenlyn loves to read, water ski, and cook.

Nadav David
Senior at Kehillah Jewish High School
Nadav David is a 17 year old senior at Kehillah Jewish High School in Palo Alto. Originally from Israel, Nadav has a strong connection to his Judaism and is a leader in his youth group. He loves to play basketball and is a dedicated sports fan.  His love for music motivated him to create a daily hip hop website, fab4music.com which has come a long way since 2010. He hopes to continue working hard on the website and going on into college with a strong interest in business.

Hannah Allison
Senior at Gunn High School
Hannah is a singer/songwriter. Music is her passion and, as well as being in the school choir, she plays guitar and piano. Her favorite subjects are English and History and she loves to write. Hannah wishes she'd known how to balance her priorities when she was younger so that she could have a better balance in her life. She is eager to help other teens decide what interests they want to explore in High School and wants to be a good role model for them. She remembers wishing she had a mentor at that age but was too nervous to approach a senior! She thinks the mentoring and coaching programs give younger teens the opportunity to engage easily with seniors and benefit from their support and experience.  

Sam Maller
Senior at Bulingame High School
Sam is a very passionate and inspired teenager. Sam was born and raised and Burlingame, CA and is very proud of his hometown roots. Sam gets his inspiration from his mother, who is a therapist, and his father, who is a professional photographer. He is very influenced by his parents and will pursue a career in either media or psychology. Sam is a natural born leader and is the Junior Counselor for the Diller Teen Fellows—a Jewish Leadership group in San Francisco. Apart from being the head photographer of his school’s yearbook, Sam loves watching sports, listening to music, and networking.

Shelby Sowa
Senior at Gunn High School
Shelby has learned a great deal through her high school experience, particularly with regard to friendships. She is looking forward to helping other teens understand that even when problems seem insurmountable, everything works out in the end. Aside from her part-time job at a local restaurant, Shelby enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading and keeping fit. She will be pursuing her interest in Human Resources and communications at college.

Rhiannon Hughes
Senior at Gunn High School
Rhiannon's passion is swimming and over the summer she worked as a swim teacher at Jordan Middle School. She also loves diving, walking and reading in her spare time. Rhiannon moved to the US from Wales three years ago and had to adapt to a completely different school system. Her favorite subjects are Math and Economics and she will be pursuing Business with Accounting in college. Her advice to younger teens is that things get easier over time. She is looking forward to sharing with them the knowledge that she has now but didn't know at that age. Rhiannon recognises that teens, like herself, would appreciate having the opportunity to talk to someone other than a parent or therapi

Aaron Levie
Co-founder & CEO, Box
Aaron Levie is the CEO and co-founder of Box, which he originally created as a college business project with the goal of helping people easily access their information from any location. Box was launched from Aaron's dorm room in 2005 with the help of CFO Dylan Smith. He is the visionary behind Box's product and platform strategy, which is focused on incorporating the best of traditional content management with the most effective elements of social business software. He has spoken about content and collaboration tools at events such as Fortune Brainstorm Tech, Web 2.0, Dreamforce, Accenture Global Summit, South by Southwest, and Svase.

Robert Strong
Comedy Magician & Owner, Strong Entertainment
It all started when young Robert Strong visited Baltimore. A magician in the Amphitheater mesmerized him. At that moment Robert vowed to be the best magician ever. His parents considered therapy, but magic lessons were cheaper. Since then, Robert trained at Tannen’s Magic School in New York and Towson University in Maryland. He then studied with touring stand-up comedians, Cirque du Soleil choreographers, Ringling Brothers circus clowns, Broadway directors, and world-class jugglers. He has performed in over 40 countries, in all 50 states, on national television, and for two presidents of the United States. Wherever Robert goes, he still carries that sense of wonder and passion for magic that he first experienced as a youngster in Baltimore, but now he is the one doing the entertaining! www.strongentertainment.com

Nicole B. Lieberman
Fashion Consultant and Owner, NLB Styling
Nicole is one of the Bay Area's most sought after fashion stylists. Her unique and creative approach to styling has been featured by ELLE magazine, Bravo Network and many other publications. Nicole’s takes a holistic approach to fashion and personal style. Fashion, to Nicole, is about finding a harmony between who you are and what you wear—feeling confident and positive about your image. Nicole is not only passionate about style but also about community. Holding a masters degree in non-profit management, Nicole has created a unique program that helps under-privileged women and men get access to beautiful clothes to help them feel confident and prepared to tackle life’s challenges.

David Greenbaum
Co-Founder & CEO, BoostCTR
David is the CEO of BoostCTR, a crowdsourcing network of expert copywriters that allows advertisers to optimize and scale their ad creative on Search and Social Media channels. He is responsible for developing features and analytical tools that provide BoostCTR’s writers with a competitive advantage when optimizing ad copy. Combining his knowledge of business development and private equity, David has led BoostCTR through two rounds of financing and brokered deals with Facebook and fortune 500 clients.  David has an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BA in Political Science from Brown University.

Merci Victoria Grace
Game Designer and Founder, Artserf and GameLayers
After graduating from college, Merci raised money to start a game studio with friends and went on to work at Electronic Arts as a game producer and designer. She majored in Creative Writing at University of Southern California. Now she gets paid to use her imagination. Merci grew up in rural California and Montana, the fifth of seven kids. Her family moved around a lot; she went to 13 schools before her 13th birthday. Merci likes to read, write, and draw. 

Victor Espinoza
Senior Oracle Applications Consultant, Stanford University
Victor is an expert project manager working for organizations such as Intuit, Hitachi, Oracle, Apple and currently Stanford University. Victor designed and implemented an advanced worldwide planning solution for Apple's Retail Planning Team. At Stanford, he leads a team to design and implement solutions for the IT Service Support and Service Delivery operations. Victor earned his masters in Management and Finance at the University of Arizona. He looks forward to sharing his experience working for large corporations and managing large-scale projects and global teams.

Rey Cedeno Crime Prevention Specialist - San Jose Police Department Rey has worked in the Police Reserves, Patrol Division, and is currently in the Community Services Division. He designed the San Jose Police Department Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum known as "Challenges and Choices" which has served as a model for other police departments nationwide. For the last four years, Rey has also worked as a counselor for EMQ Families First working with teens affected by drugs and gangs and has completed 40 hours intensive mediation training.  

Tom Malzbender
Senior Research Scientist at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Tom is an expert in surface imaging and 3D computer graphics and his work on the Antikythera Mechanism in Athens has been featured in Scientific American, The Economist, New Scientist, and Nature. Tom has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning News, National Geographic and presented his work at many venues including the Smithsonian Museum, NASA, Google, IBM, Fermilab, and Onassis Foundation. As a Gunn parent, and an expert in his field without a PhD, he is looking forward to helping teens see that success can come from utilizing their talent and following their passion.

Speakers are subject to change and, due to scheduling, individuals cannot be guaranteed for each program.