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Program Philosophy

While good grades and scores are important for getting into college, they are not what it takes to succeed in LIFE! Other interpersonal and practical life skills are equally important including: confidence, self-awareness, leadership, persuasive communication, ability to build relationships, time management, teamwork, creativity, tenacity and flexibility. In other words, it takes more than brains!

We believe the most important goal you will ever achieve in life is happiness. While it sounds simple, it’s not always easy. If you know your strengths, are passionate about what you do, and have great interpersonal skills, you are more likely to be successful in a way that is meaningful.

In high school, you are under lot of pressure and there is little time left for you to reflect on who you are and what you want to do. When you register for a MoreThanBrains program, you are giving yourself the gift of space and time PLUS the skills you actually need to succeed in life.

What People Are Saying

I strongly believe in the guiding principle of the MoreThanBrains programs. Our teens live in a high-pace and over-achieving environment and it is a refreshing and welcome change to see programs that focus on the "whole person". My son participated in the first session, last semester, and found it both beneficial and enjoyable.

—Parent of Gunn HS Sophomore

MoreThan Brains is about a mindset of succeeding... we are not just reading textbooks; we're taking initiative and going far.

—Kehilla HS Senior

Groups for Teens

"Relationships - Friends, Family & Love"
Mondays 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Open to 9th-12th Grade

Fighting with you parents? Siblings annoying you? Drama with your friends? Wondering why you aren't in a healthy romantic relationship? This group discusses all the issues relevant to relationships in high school. This is a time of great change. Our roles with our parents are shifting. We may be in our first romantic relationship or dealing with a painful breakup. MoreThanBrains provides a safe place to explore thoughts and feelings as well as brainstorm strategies and solutions to challenges.

"Call to Senioritis"
Mondays 4:30-6:00

Open to 12th Grade ONLY

Feeling unmotivated? Excited? Worried? Done with high school, but not actually done? Starting to fight with parents more or perhaps clinging to them more than ever? Wondering what will happen to your friendships? The transition from high school is a BIG. As we prepare to go out into the "real world" we often experience a host of mixed emotions from excitement, joy and acheivement to sadness, worry and fear. MoreThanBrains offers high school seniors a safe place to talk about the ups and downs of this unique time in life.

If you would like to schedule individual sessions please contact us.

Dates & Details
"Relationships - Friends, Family & Love" 

This 6-week program discusses how to build and maintain fulfilling relationships in all areas of life—friends, family and love. 

Mondays 6:30 - 8:00pm 
Feb. 20th - Mar. 26th

$275 per person. Space limited to 6 participants. Register here.

"Call to Senioritis" 

This 6-week program discusses issues pertinent to being a second semester high school senior.

Mondays 4:30 - 6:00pm 
Email for start date

$275 per person. Space limited to 6 participants. Register here.